Yearn Finance Ecosystem

Staking + DeFi

YFIEC utilizes advanced protocol to ensure holders are rewarded for staking and also given priviledge to participate in on-chain voting, hence fully community-centric. The platform automates earning via staking and enchance safety of funds with secured security system.

Stake, farm, all together. Easy earning

No lock-in, unstake anytime

Minimum stake: 10 YFIEC

Stake multiple times


Yearn Finance Ecosyten (YFIEC) allows you to enjoy the benefits of earning staking income, while also exploring the Defi ecosystem
  • Quarterly buyback and burn program to increase token value
  • Community research program to engage members in proffering ideas to the team, hence fostering goal attainment
  • Multiple exchange listings planned ahead
  • Crosschain interoperability planned in Q1 2021 and more DAPPS coming soon


Maximum Supply: 25,000 YFIEC
Circulating Supply: 15,000 YFIEC
Staking Rewards:5,000
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